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Appearance vs. Reality - 2nd Hour

Any quote that reflects the theme of appearance vs. reality (Poker face, looking one way but acting another)


King Duncan: "What bloody man is that?" (I.ii.1) King Duncan to Malcolm. Who is this bleeding man coming back from the battle? (Mr. Allam)


Act I


3 witches: Fair is foul, and foul is fair(pg.342)The 3 witches. Good is bad, and bad is good(Valeria B.)


3 withces :" Though his bark cannot be lost , Yet it shall be tempest-tossed."(Act 1 scene 3) 3 witches to captain. They have controlled over nature.They are going to mess up with the captain's boat.(Valeria Balleza)

Macbeth: The Thane of Cawdor lives.  Why do you dress me in borrowed clothes? (I.iii. 107-108)  Macbeth doesnt know it yet but he is the Thane of Cawdor.    

Alyssa B. 

I.iv Duncan: There’s No Art To Find The Mind’s Construction In The Face. He Was A Gentleman On Whom I Built An Absolute Trust (Act 1 Scene 4 Pg. 350) Duncan To Malcolm. There Is No Way To Read A Man’s Face, He Trusts Cawdor. – Darrion Boyce


Lady MacBeth: Only Look Up Clear. To Alter Favor Ever Is To Fear. Leave All The Rest To Me. (Pg. 355) Lady MacBeth To MacBeth. MacBeth Should Act Normal So He Doesn’t Raise Suspicion. – Darrion Boyce


Lady Macbeth: All our service, In every point twice done and then done double.  (I.vi. 14-19) She is putting up a front to the king pretending to be nice but in the back her head planning to kill him. 

Alyssa B. 


I.vii  Who dares receive it other, as we shall make our griefs and clamor roar upon his death? Lady MacBeth To MacBeth. Saying Everyone Will Be Devastated By His Death And It Will Make A Fuss. --Darrion Boyce





Act II

Macbeth: I hav thee not, and yet I see thee still. II.i.34. Macbeth is talking to himself.  Macbeth supposably sees a daggar guiding him to Duncan but really its just his imagination and guilt haunting him for what he is about to do. -Alyssa B.




Macduff:As from your graves rise up and walk like sprites......pg..367 line70 To countenace this horror.....Macduff to Malcom and Banquo........the spirits of the death were supposed to rise on judjement Day..... Valeria B.....


Macduff:"Confision now hath made his masterpiece.Most sacrilegious murder hath broke ope"(Act 2 III) Macduff to Duncan's death. Macduff mourns Duncan's death as the confusion of order and as sacrilegious , violating all that is holy...(valeria Balleza)


Macbeth: "there the murderers, Steeped in the colors of their trade, their daggers Unmannerly breeched with gore." II.i.106-108. Macbeth is talking to all the other men, Malcom, banquo, Donalbain.... etc. MAcbeth is putting the fault on the guards making them appear guilty, when in reality he is the murder. --Alyssa B.  





Macduff: "Well, may you see things well done there. Adieu, Lest our old robes sit easier than our new!" Macduff To Ross. Macduff is saying that things will hopefully get better, knowing they will just get worse. – Darrion Boyce






Macbeth: "Here's our chief guest" (III. i. 12)  Macbeth is talking to Banquo.  the both of them is talking with a "poker face", with us as the audience knowing that neither one of them trusts each other...

- Alyssa Barajas 



III.ii Macbeth: "To be thus is nothing ,But to be safe is thus.pg..379 line47.....Macbeth to himself......to be king is worthlesss unless my position as king is safe........Valeria B...



III.iii Macbeth: "To be thuThen Comes My Fit Again. I Had Else Been Perfect, Whole As The Marble, Founded As The Rock, As Broad And General As The Casing Air. But Now I Am Cabinied, Cribbed, Confined, Bound In To Saucy Doubts And Fears. -- But Banquo's Safe? Macbeth To First Murderer Telling The Murderer How He's Scared But When He Asked If Banquo Is Safe, He's Asking If He's Safely Dead And Hidden. --Darrion Boyce









Lennox: "And the right valiant Banquo walked too late, Whom you may say, if't please you,  Fleance fled"(III.vi. 6-7) Lennox is talking to lord.  hes blaming the sons for killing their fathers but in reality it is Macbeth...

- Alyssa Barajas





Act IV


Malcom;"Good God betimes remove the means that makes us stranger!!"Pg 406 line 62......Malcom to macbeth..... may god remove macbeth who is cause of our being strangers..... Valeria B.. 


IV.iiLady Macduff: "Yes, he is dead.  How wilt thou do for a father?" IV. ii. 38  Lady macduff to son.  She is saying to her son that Macduff is dead but really he's not.

-Alyssa Barajas 

Malcom: "your wives, your daughters, your mattrons, and your maids could not fill up the cistern of my lust, and my desire." IV. III. 61-63.  Malcom to Macduff.  He is testing Macduff's loyalty by lying and pretending to be someone he's not.  - Alyssa Barajas




Act V

Gentlewoman: ''Ay, but their sense are shut". (V. I. 21).  (Gentlewoman to doctor).  Lady macbeth is sleeping walking she sopposably needs light but she is sleeping

-Alyssa Barajas 















Lady Macbeth.....Out damned spot, out i say" Pg. 410 line28.....Lady Macbeth to herself..... She is telling the stainned of blood to go away,....Valeria B.


V.viiThey have tied me to a stake. I cannot fly, But, bearlike, I must fight the course. What’s he That was not born of woman? Such a one Am I to fear, or none...MacBeth To Himself. He's saying how he's scared and feels trapped and he knows he's going to die. (Act 5 Scene 7) --Darrion Boyce





Macbeth: " The thanes fly from me" Pg 415 line 49 Macbeth to the Doctor ......He is telling the doctor that the thanes are leaving him.... Valeria B


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