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Sleep - 2nd Hour

Sleep can include all elements associated with sleep including tiredness, exhaustion, dreaming, dreams, nightmares, night, unawareness, sleeplessness and any other connection you can find.


King Duncan: "What bloody man is that?" (I.ii.1) King Duncan to Malcolm. Who is this bleeding man coming back from the battle? (Mr. Allam)


Act I




“But I am faint. My gashes cry for help.” (I.ii.42) captain to whomever. He is very tired because of the loss of blood. (Dylan Murrison)


“Sleep shall neither night nor day hang upon his penthouse lid.” I.iii.19-20  Witches chanting a curse.  They are saying  that they won’t let him sleep night or day. (Uriah Mapes)

"Weary sev'nnights, nine times nine, Shall he dwindle, peak, and pine." (I.iii.22-23) Witches chanting a curse. They are saying that they going to make him go crazy by not letting him sleep.(Bibiana Paisano)








"When in swinish sleep their drenched nature lie as in a death." (I.vii.67-68) Lady Macbeth to Macbeth. When they are asleep, they don't know what is going on like they are dead.

 “Was the hope drunk wherein you dressed yourself? Hath it slept since?” (I.vii.36-37) Lady Macbeth to Macbeth. She is asking if he was drunk when he woke up this morning, because he is dressed so poorly. 

(Dylan Murrison)


"When duncan is asleep whereto the rather shall days hard journey soundly invite him"(I.Vii.65-66)Lady Macbeth to Macbeth. that she heard the sounds of death are calling duncan( Danel Paisano)






Act II


Banquo: “I dreamt last night of the three weird sisters.” (II.i.19) Banquo to Macbeth. He had a dream about the three witches. (Dylan Murrison)


"a heavy summons lies like lead upon me, and yet i would not sleep" (II.Vi 6-7)banquo to macbeth. he cant sleep because hes thinking about the witches. (Danel Paisano)


Banquo:”By the name of most kind hostess, and shut up” (II.i.15) Banquo to Macbeth. He’s gone off to bed. (Dylan Murrison)


II.ii "sleep that knits up the  reveld sleve of care, the death of each days life, sore labor bath"macbeth (IIii.35-36) that the knights get caught and get killed(Danel Paisano)

“Methought I heard a voice cry 'Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep!'” II.ii.33-34 Macbeth to Lady Macbeth.He says he heard someone say that, and it means that he won’t ever sleep again. (Uriah Mapes)




“Marry, sir, nose-painting, sleep, and urine.” II.iii.22  Porter to Macduff. He says that drinking makes your nose red and it makes you tired and have to pee a lot. (Uriah Mapes)













"Duncan in his grave after lifes faitful fever he slepp well" Macbeth to murderers ( III ii 22-23)Duncan is in his grave resting in peace and no one knows who kill him ( Danel Paisano)


" Ere we will ea our meal in fear an sleep in the affiction of there terrible dreams that shake us nighty" Macbeth to lady macbeth ( (IIIii 15-17) He is gonna kill his best friend and hes gonna live with night mares because of the killiing of the king(Danel Paisano)



“Ere we will eat our meal in fear, and sleep in the affliction of these terrible dreams that shake us nightly.”  (III.ii.17-19)  Macbeth to Lady Macbeth.  They will be scared while they eat, and they won’t be able to sleep without night terrors. Uriah Mapes 





III.iv "Good night, and better health Attend his Majesty."(III.iv 121-122)Lennox to Macbeth and to Lady Macbeth. He is saying good night and he hope that his Majesty Macebeth feels better.(Bibiana Paisano)




Lady Macbeth: “a kind goodnight to all.” (III.iv.123)lady Macbeth to all. She is saying goodnight to everyone. (Dylan Murrison)




III.vi "we may again Give to our tables meat, sleep to our nights, Free from our feasts and banquets bloddy knives,"(lll.vi 33-35) Lord to Lennox. people are not eating and there are sleeping and people are bing killed and they are dying.(Bibiana Paisano)

“That were the slaves of drink and thralls of sleep?”III.vi.(13)  Lennox to a Lord. That the guards killed Duncan while they were subject to drink’s sleep. Uriah Mapes 





Act IV

IV.i Witch One: "days and nights has thirty-one." (IV.i.7.) to the other witches. its saying that theres 31 days. (dylan murrison)


"And sleep in spite of thunder." IV.i.(86) Macbeth to himself/witches He will finally sleep even if it's storming out. Uriah


WITCH ONE "Days and night has thirty- one swertered venom, sleeping got" the 2 witches. they are making a potion to macbeth to demand his future (IVi7-8) Danel Paisano

IV.iiLady Macduff: "yes, he is dead. how will thou do for a father?" (IV.i.38.) to her son. it is saying that he is dead to her now. because he left. (Dylan Murrison)

" He has killed me mother run away, i pray you (IVii81-82) son to lady Mcduff the son has been stabbed and hes is telling his mother to run away so she wont die Danel Paisano

"sirrah, your father's dead and what will you do now?"(IV.II(31-32)lady Mcduff to son.Telling his son that he is dad is death and what he is going to do now and how is he going to live. 


"To relate the manner were on the quarry of these murdred deer to add the death of you"(IV.III.(206-208) Ross to Malcom. sorrow by telling him how his family was killed he compares Macduff's dear ones to the piled bodles of killing deer.




"Fell slaughter on theirs souls. Heaven rest them now." IV.iii.(250) Macduff to Malcome/Ross Now that they're dead, rest them in peace. Uriah





Act V

V.i Doctor: " a great perturbation in nature, to recieve at once the benefits of sleep and the effects of watching." (V.i.7-9.) To gentlewomen. it is saying she is like sleep walking basically. (Dylan Murrison)


Gentlewomen: " lo you, here she comes. this is her very guise and, upon my life, fast asleep. observe her; stand close." (V.1.15.) saying it to the doctor. she is asleep and the doctor is watching her, (Dylan Murrison) 


Doctor " this disease is beyond my practice yet i have know those which have walked in their sleep" Lady macbeth(Vi47-48) he says that the disease is to advanced for him and that he knows people that sleep walk. danel paisano

"write upn't read it, after wards seal it and again return to bed yet all this while on a most fast sleeper" gentlewoman- doctor (Vi5-6) that lady macbeth sleep walks and that they see her writting and then she goes back to sleep danel








"As she is troubled with thick-coming fancies that keep her from rest" V.iii.(39-40)
Doctor to Macbeth She is troubled by things on her mind, and though she is sleeping, she isn't getting any rest. Uriah




















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